Survivor Firestarters

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What is it?

The Survivor Firestarter is the right tool for starting a fire in any weather.

Survivor Firestarters are safe, simple, durable, and waterproof, perfect for every backpack, survival/emergency kit, and tackle box.

Easy and safe to use, Survivor Firestarters can be used with propane stoves and lanterns, bbq pits, gas grills, campfires, and anywhere you need a reliable source of fire. An absolute must for campers, fishermen, hunters, hikers, military, and scout troops.

How does it work?

The magnesium flakes scraped from the soft rod burn 8 times hotter than a match.

Each Survivor Firestarter comes complete with a high carbon steel blade and a leather strap.

Blades are pre-sharpened to ensure maximum spark. Maintain sharpness by honing or grinding blade edges, keeping them square.

How to use it

Hold the firestarter so that the tip is resting on the ground and the flint is on top.

PRESS HARD WITH THUMB WHEN STRIKING. Tinder should be close to tip of the firestrater.

The FLINT sparks are hot enough to light any fine material such as moss, dry grass, pine needles, steel wool, cloth, paper, etc.

The MAGNESIUM can be scraped into shavings, bunched together, and ignited with the flint to produce a white-hot starter fire of about 5,400 degrees.

Helpful hints

The magnesium shavings should be scraped onto a hard surface such as rock or metal.

Large Shavings burn better and can be produced by applying pressure with thumb when scraping.

When possible, Fray edges of timber before striking.

Having trouble getting a good spark? Make sure:
a) Edges of the high carbon steel blade are square
b) Pressure is applied with thumb
c) Scrape down at a 45 degree angle from top of flint to bottom

“More Pressure = More Sparks”