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"More Pressure = More Sparks"

How Does It Work?

The magnesium flakes scraped from the soft rod burn 8 times hotter than a match.

Each Survivor Firestarter comes complete with a high carbon steel blade and a leather strap.

Blades are pre-sharpened to ensure maximum spark. Maintain sharpness by honing or grinding blade edges, keeping them square.

How To Use It

To practice, start by using a "Cotton Ball" or "Dryer Lint"

Hold the firestarter so that the tip is resting on the ground and the flint is on top.

PRESS HARD WITH THUMB WHEN STRIKING. Tinder should be close to tip of the firestrater.

The FLINT sparks are hot enough to light any fine material such as moss, dry grass, pine needles, steel wool, cloth, paper, cotton ball, dryer lint, etc.

The MAGNESIUM can be scraped into shavings, bunched together, and ignited with the flint to produce a white-hot starter fire of about 5,400 degrees.

Helpful Hints

The magnesium shavings should be scraped onto a hard surface such as rock or metal.

Large Shavings burn better and can be produced by applying pressure with thumb when scraping.

When possible, Fray edges of timber before striking.

Having trouble getting a good spark? Make sure:
a) Edges of the high carbon steel blade are square
b) Pressure is applied with thumb
c) Scrape down at a 45 degree angle from top of flint to bottom


What clients are saying

M. Dasilva

Dear Roland,

I bought 2 of your orange handled mag firestarters with the thermometer and compass. I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! I bought the other bar types, and they were terrible. It took forever to get enough scrappings to ignite, and it wasn’t worth the effort.

It took me a minute, actually less, to scrape a pile of magnesium and to ignite it, what a difference than the other products. I will be purchasing from you again.

First saw your products on YouTube. I must tell you, I’ve given up on magnesium starters till I saw your sister’s demo. I believed her.

M. Dasilva Customer
E. Castillo

Mr. Villareal,

Just found your website after doing some research on your company. Actually you don’t remember me, but I met you about 10 years ago in Olathe, KS during the old settler’s day celebration weekend. I’ve been a police officer for over 15 years, and at the time I was walking with my partner working gang enforcement Friday evening. Anyhow, I was so impressed with the survival Firestarter that I talked about it to my wife and the next day she and her sister bought one of your 20,000 strike wooden handle Firestarters for myself and brother –in-law. She gave it to me on my birthday a few days later to my surprise.

I’m an avid upland & waterfowl hunter and always carry your firestarter in my vest. I’ve used it to start fires while camping and hunting. I just couldn’t believe it when I saw your video and company. Anyway I just wanted to say hello and comment on such a great product. I think I will soon be purchasing another Firestarter as a gift, after the holidays.
On a side note, would it be too much to ask for a couple of decals? I would love to put your logo on my trailer & gear box.
Thanks and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.

E. Castillo Customer
Vic Maccallum

You have the best fire starters I have seen. I have students in my safety classes use them to practice making fires the first night of class. I just went to restock my fire-starting box for my class tonight and found that someone in a previous class liked the fire starter as much, as I do, so they took it. So I just ordered a new one. I am asking that you try to get it in the mail to me as soon as possible so I can use it in my upcoming classes. Thanks for an outstanding product and I look forward to getting my new fire starter.

(Vic is a coordinator of safety courses & volunteer instructors. He primarily uses firestarters in the hunter education and bow hunter education courses as part of a hands-on student activity to show the best things to use to start fires with if they get lost.)

Vic Maccallum Customer